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Website design and why you need to get it the Journey Right

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A website is often the first contact customers and the general public have with an organisation. First impressions last. This is particularly true when it comes to website design. Top quality websites help to level up the playing field between large and small organisations. They also portray a certain image for an organisation.

A website is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or image. When someone visits a website, it only takes a few second for them to decide whether or not they want to stay on a particular webpage. Website design quality is often the reason why a visitor stays at, or leaves a website. An effective website should have a clear layout, be easy to navigate and include relevant images and content. A well designed website levels the playing field between large and small organisations.

For most organisations, the main purpose of a website is to provide information about the organisation. It is also an effective way to provide contact details for potential customers. However, poor website design doesn’t always cater for these factors. Contact details should be easy to find, the website should be interactive and it should also be easy to share content with other Internet users.

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The ability to add content and features to a website in the future is also important. The Internet continues to change. The requirements of people online continues to change too. This means it’s important to be able to change a website when it’s required, so that a website owner can adapt to future changes. It should be easy to add new components, make it easier to find the website and share content.

Many organisations invest in a website without fully considering the implications of proper website design. However, this is one of the most important factors of any organisations online presence. A website has the potential to increase business leads and sales. Unfortunately, a website can also damage an organisations reputation and image. Online visitors to a website expect a certain visitor experience, which isn’t always the case with many websites designed today.

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