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SEO Process Top 5 Steps

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of gaining traffic from search engines by using relevant content, keywords and credibility to make a website visible to users. By determining the purpose of the site and the target audience, A SEO Process will get your website seen by search engines and increase traffic, reaching a wider audience.

These 5 steps will increase a websites viability for Natural Traffic.


The first step in the SEO Process is to research key words related to your website. Search engines use keywords to determine and let potential customers know what information your website / webpage contains. This allows clients to view your website in the search results and access your site, giving it a higher ranking, and moving it up the list of search results, If the search engines determine your website to be credible to your keyword sector and a major authority within your industry, you have credible inward links from networking relationships you’re in a good place to gain higher listings in Google for example.

Content ( Content is King )

Once your keywords have been chosen, it is time to write the content. The keywords should be dispersed thoroughly through out your content, making it visible to search engines. The more detailed keyword sets are used, the easier it will be for the search engines to locate and understand, then in turn determine if your website is more credible than others, the search engine will index your pages for customers to view. Content is imperative and always has been…

If you went to

  • A deep website ( 1000s of pages )
  • Informative
  • Up-to-date
  • Cutting edge
  • Innovative
  • Bespoke theme
  • Had a USB kicker
  • A one stop shop for any answers, discussions or informative information

You are searching for? Why would Google let a

  • Brand new 10 page brochure site
  • AdSense all over it
  • The rest made up by banner advertising
  • Very little content

Let this site be number one in the natural listing and be a benefit for volume traffic for their sector?

The point being like an off line business a similar business model needs to be moulded to a customer’s journey online and ask yourself;

  • Why you?
  • What’s does the customer get?
  • Why are you the best ?
  • What’s your major USP over your competitors?
  • Have you earnt the right to be a leader in your field?

Search Engine Friendly Design.

A Search Engine Friendly Design helps search engines find and index your web pages so they can be viewed by clients. Using alt attributes in HTML this will provide search engines a text description of visual content, allowing search engines to find your pages and show them to clients. Similarly, adding text to Flash/Java Plug-in, and video/audio content, will allow the content to be searched and indexed. Enabling your content to be viewed by search engines is a critical step to building a website that will be beneficial to clients. Couple this with a great customer journey in a simple and easy to navigate construction, you will be on your way to creating a solid foundation with a search engine friendly platform.

Building Relationships

Submitting and building relationships for your site online to various relevant and related websites allows for faster indexing of your website, your pages and in turn cache your site quickly.

This means that it will appear in the search results faster, making it accessible to clients. Using mixed anchor text should give your pages a higher ranking on search engines, especially if placements go to a similar page with high ranking metrics and naturally build relevant relationships with other sectors websites that will add a consumer benefit to why you have been linked? Maybe comparing like-for-like brands and which services are offered, could be calculator creative, may be a widget that carries helpful information or standard banner advertising, when done correctly should be more cost-effective than a cost per click model. The word on the street is “Au Naturale“ building natural relationships in relevance to like-for-like sectors for long-term sustainable brand building environment has always been the best way forward

Analyse Rankings and Traffic

This final step of the SEO Process is important to maintaining the websites viability. As search engines are constantly their information, continuous analysis of rankings and traffic must be done to ensure that the content and credibility of your website is still relevant. This can involve adding or changing content when necessary to keep the website fresh and informative. Building relevant relationships with credible and authority driven external websites by us adds value to the relationship and your customers journey.


Build your website to be viewed by real people not search bots, market your website to be a leader in your field, offer the best relevant up-to-date information, advice, tips, market analysis etc. Create and structure your site so it is easy and simple to navigate, sprinkle call of actions to further help your customers on their journey.


Benefits Of i55 SEO

The World Wide Web offers the comfort of executing numerous chores without leaving your home. Billions of people are using the web for socialising, shopping, trading and lot more. Business enterprises have understood the increasing importance of online presence; hence, most of them have set up their websites to tap millions of prospects online. However, web marketing is a rather difficult and time consuming job. Many businesses have tried to promote their business in a do it yourself manner. However, most of them have failed to make desired success. In order to make a successful online venture, hiring expert search engine optimization or SEO services such as i55, SEO is indispensable.Online Trading

An SEO expert like i55 SEO, employ effective search engine optimization strategies to promote your website effectively. Without effective promotion, your site may not get noticed by prospects and may get lost in cyber space. These SEO experts generate keywords related to the content of your website and place them smartly in the body of the content. After placing those keywords or search terms, they submit your website to search engines. When prospective customers perform search queries using search terms mentioned in your site, there are likely chances that your website will come up on the first page of search results. When your website gets top ranking, it gets more visits and visitors means prospects which is your main goal.

Besides this, professional services such as i55 SEO promote your site through social media platforms, online forums, and classified ad sites. Similarly, they write articles with a back link to your site, and submit them to high page rank article directories. All these marketing tactics increase the page rank of your site and drive targeted prospects to your website.

The services of expert SEO such as i55 SEO are an absolute necessity in order to thrive and succeed on the World Wide Web. Businesses that hire professional experts like i55 SEO enjoy an edge over their competitors and mark a huge success on the web. On the other hand, business owners who don’t hire these experts fail to make any significant progress on the internet.

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