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PPC marketing: how does it work?

Pay Per Click Marketing is also known as PPC marketing, is a way that businesses and websites can advertise their services on the internet. The way pay per click advertising works is, an ad is placed and the business pays every time somebody clicks on the ad.

Pay per click ads are normally highly targeted. The advertisement will only appear when an internet user searches for a particular phrase or fits a particular profile. This way the PPC ads are seen by the target audience of the advertiser.Quality Customers

The well-known places where targeted PPC ads appear on the Internet are in search results and on social networking sites such as Facebook. Google is a world leader in PPC advertising, for example. A business will place an ad which will appear when certain words and phrases are searched for. With Facebook ads, rather than working with search results, the individual profile of each member of the site is targeted. Facebook works in a way that your advertisement will appear in very specific circumstances. If you want to promote your website to women aged between 25 and 30 who are interested in tennis, baking and accountancy, this is possible.

This very targeted model is becoming increasingly popular as marketing moves beyond promotion to vast audiences, for example, television advertising. PPC advertisements are generally limited to a few words which have to be chosen very carefully. Split testing is always advised, to see which adverts lead to the highest number of conversions. Choosing the right search terms your ad will appear next to is also very important. Search terms which are very competitive will lead to a high cost per click for the business, whereas less popular searches which are still very relevant to the business will cost less and have less competition.

Pay Per Click advertising is an effective way of marketing your business to a specific customer. It is effective and needn’t be overly expensive if it is done with skill and tested well.

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