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Affiliates and why Affiliate with us

Affiliates are resellers who refer potential customers to a merchant’s website. They receive a flat fee or a recurrent percentage of commission for the sales resulting from their referrals. Joining an affiliate program is beneficial to Internet marketers and publishers because it presents a lucrative opportunity to earn money online without need for any investment. This is only one of the many benefits you enjoy when you affiliate with us.


For every lead you generate as an affiliate with us, you get a commission or a share of the profit resulting from your referral sales. Our rates are some of the best in the market. Simply choose our products and services and start promoting them on your website to start earning your affiliate income.

Quality Customers
No risks attached

Our affiliate program does not come with any costs attached, which means financial risks when joining our program are practically non-existent. Simply provide basic details for example, your name and website address to join our growing list of affiliate partners.

No sales and shipping responsibility

We are responsible for the delivery of our own products and services as well as the handling of all financial transactions involved when affiliates refer clients to our website. There are no sales or shipping responsibilities on the part of affiliates. The only task you are responsible for in the program is promoting our website and products.

Dedicated affiliate support

Moreover, our dedicated affiliate team is available to all affiliates and provides all the necessary support and tools the marketers need for more effective and robust promotion of our products on websites. You will find highly converting affiliate resources like text links and web banners that can help you easily turn your web traffic into cash.

By joining the Affiliate program today you will reap the benefits our network of current affiliates enjoy! Using our reliable and easy-to-implement system our affiliate program is a win-win partnership with everyone involved.

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