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A website without traffic is like a shop without customers: picture a ghost town with a few eerie tumbleweeds rolling around and you get the picture. Thankfully there are lots of ways to drive traffic to a website—and none of them are especially complicated. However, it is worth remembering that you will need to devote a fair amount of time and effort to marketing your website, so don’t expect instant results.

6 steps to marketing a website

1. Build a quality website: there is little point in trying to drive traffic to a poorly designed website that contains very little useful information as visitors are unlikely to return for a second look. Make sure your visitors have a great experience when they come to your site: add great content and make it nice and easy to navigate through the pages. It is also a good idea to include social media buttons and an RSS feed so people can subscribe to your website and tell their friends.Quality Customers

2. Harness the power of social media marketing to spread the word about your website. Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for marketing websites. Create a Facebook fan page and link it to your website and start tweeting about new products and services to your followers.

3. Start blogging and create interesting and informative articles related to your website niche. Blogs are a good way to keep a website pumped full of fresh content, plus you can use your blog to post news about anything related to your company and field of expertise.

4. Write and distribute articles to good quality article directories. Hook readers with great content and drive traffic to your website. This also helps to build backlinks, which in turn boosts your position in the search engines.

5. Link building is essential for marketing a website. Building backlinks to your website helps to drive more traffic from the search engines, but you need to do this slowly and very carefully or you could end up penalised.

6. Always include your website address in everything you send to customers, from emails to advertisements in the local press. It’s good advertising and it builds “brand”.

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