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Case Studies

Sector: – Insurance

KPI Business Model: – Leads

TOP Positions dominated for related keywords for the last 9 months April 2011 – Dec 2011

Insurance is a very competitive market; this brand is providing complete insurance for vehicles in the UK. Dedicated to adding value to its customer base with hire, traveling spots and motor accessories, this brand has dominated number one positions for related keywords for the last 9 months April – Dec 2011 in a fierce market sector.

  • Number One for niche insurance in the UK Online
  • 9 months straight number ones for main keyword would cost £7 PPC if paid for
  • Over 100 searches a day so delivered £700 a day value

“Insurance Case Study”

Sector: – Recruitment

KPI Business Model: – CV registrations

Got to be kidding! Still in Top Ten For Recruitment after 6 years

Recruitment keywords are still in prominent positions 6 years after leaving the account with No further SEO from our team, SEO Agency resource achieved a 500% increase in visitors and 800% increase in (CV) candidate application forms from 564 to 4960 a month after 16 months dedicated SEO drive the best performing brand from this PLC company. Don’t leave your SEO to chance; get it right from the start.

“Recruitment Case Study”

Sector: – Finance

KPI Business Model: – Leads / Sales

The Finance Market is fierce pay upto £20 PPC per click on high-end PPC keywords we Exposure SEO placements positions gained that are Amazing in such a short period

The world of finance is an animal in its own right and one of the highest PPC costs of all time We tamed this beast from 26 exact keywords now in the top 5 from 3110 visitors a month to over 8545 searches (170% increase) from exact match and long tailed keywords within 8 months an on-going added value of over 100,000 pounds a monthly if this was paid for traffic?

  • 170% increase in visitors
  • 162% increase in leads
  • 220% increase in sales

Continued new quality traffic doubles the normal conversions with record returns out of any other vertical in this groups portfolio of websites, pioneering, out of the box and forward thinking team effort that may not be emulated again

“Finance Case Study”

Sector: -Retail

KPI Business Model: – Sales

IS the retail market place over on the high street!  Rent, rates high staffing costs, cost of pile them high stock, theft , damage , long term investment for what ! to look forward to a rainy Saturday ?

We took a brand new site online, no history to top positions in 6 months from an exact match electric device completed on time from our in house solid long term, sustainable SEO process

Zero customers to over 350 daily ready to buy customers and that’s just the start, the first goal is 10,000 visits a day will keep you posted

“Retail Case Study”

Sector: -Digital Download

KPI Business Model: – Sales on Auto

No Rent no overheads just digital downloads emailed automatically HEAVEN!  3-year-old business looks for a boost in traffic. EBooks are volume downloads and the way forward for businesses to gain

  • Content coverage
  • Brand building
  • Up sell
  • Sell bestsellers in volume
  • Education benefit

This brand picked a niche eBook market place to test the water and was amazed by results with revenue on auto every ones dream

“Digital Download Case Study”

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