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i55 innovated team business model is simple, drive quality converting traffic that delivers conversion rates at a low cost to market & then scale, We handle the whole customer journey from bespoke website design & usability to driving natural quality traffic to adding brand value for great ROI results

SEO "Search Engine Optimisation"

Search Engine Optimisation is now an industry recognised service, Which optimises page content for your website making it a quality and beneficial information resource for consumers. When Search Engine Optomisation is correctly implemented you become more recognisable to search engines, and should gain you higher positions and ranking over less informative websites.

The Primary process of S.E.O is accomplished by identifying keywords relative to your product, service or commodity. This is achieved by matching exact words, to longer more granular searches. Then like any offline business we would ascertain the online market share for your sector, and the main competitors sharing search volume.

Strategically the next phase of making your website more successful, would be to technically review coding, scripts and source code to ensure the correct S.E.O. foundation was implemented, then structure on page metrics. The next phase would be to review and source natural, credible related partners, that we believe relevant and beneficial to consumers visiting you. This would be achieved by naturally linking you as a credible resource to help with their journey.Quality Customers

Quality traffic and gaining high positions in search engines is similar to opening a High Street retail shop in prime position attracting high volumes of customers through the door yet having no amenities to pay for.

With the S.E.O. area of marketing you wont get instant high positions it's similar to a dimmer switch that you turn round slowly. No one can guarantee number one position for all your sector keywords within any timeframe.

At i55 we pledge from years of experience, innovative and bespoke toolsets to naturally optimise your brand to be recognised as a credible force and authority to gain high positions because you're recognised as a leader in your field not just off-line but online too.


Facebook is an Animal in itself Let's Call It A White Elephant

At i55, we have worked with large corporates who spent Forty to Fifty Thousand Pounds per month, marketing through pay per click facebook model. Our personal findings can be backed up with evidence, that even though you can market through very granular demographics the cost per click when testing this model 3 years ago in its infancy was around Seventy pence to a Pound per click for high-end finance advertising, it did not convert.

The main findings why it never converted at the time for us in the finance sector was predominantly consumers are there to socialise, for example if you're having a meal or a drink at bar who has ever signed up for home insurance, bought a house, renewed your car insurance, or wrote a will?Quality Customers

We believe this goes for the majority of commercial entities that are on the market now, don't misunderstand there are commodities that could and do work within the Facebook environment such as leisure activities, music, films new trends, mobile, big stories or new every day products, service with USP's that are innovative offering value and quality that could potentially go viral... We suggest that you market from a Facebook profile/page to return value back to your brand.

A Facebook page is a great way to brand build where you can quickly attract a consumer group that has a direct interest in your sector. With the correct information you can easily win their hearts and minds with quality informative relative information directed to their social activity mindset, Interact Socially on a Social Platform Light-Hearted Enjoyable Interesting 'Cup of Coffee Discussion' than a Die Hard Sell from a 1990s Salesman On a Basic and Commission.


PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click Advertising Is Predominantly a Far Quicker Lead to Market Than Any Other Marketing Vertical Online. Get IT Right DONT waste your money!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a very easy and transparent marketing model where you pay per visitor. You advertise in a way that consumers click on a related advert you have placed in for example Google.co.uk, for instance you are a travel agent and someone has searched "Holidays in Barbados" and click on your creative, taking the potential consumer to your website , Google then charges you anything from £1-£25 per click, a cost per visitor model.Quality Customers

You will need an exceptional commodity offering not only excellent quality and professional service, but something that will also entice the customer to return, buy again or upsell, the reason being is the PPC market is not dis-similar to off-line businesses, PPC can be a very competitive advertising model and not for the faint hearted.

i55 offer a full PPC paid traffic management service that can be tailored to suit your commercials, For example, a percentage of spend or a cost per lead model, we have scoped strategies, created and daily managed £400,000 + PPC spend per month accounts, which we have delivered on time and within budget.


Website Conversion Optimisation

Picture this, you have thousands of visitors viewing your website and is commercially driven, what would be the point if nobody converts or so little conversion was being delivered it was no longer a viable proposition for the "effort to reward" model didn't stack up?

From the scale of running corporate client accounts to niche sectors, implementing nothing more than a driven call of actions, sticky content and information with a customer journey that is driven to requesting or needing further information, help, advice or a discussion is a quick win business model to value what you have now and convert more from it.Quality Customers

Our first course of action would be to understand your business model first, for example; visitors vs leads vs sales, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, your product service or commodity your USP, why you, the customer journey, off-line credibility and your brand.

From competitor research and offerings after reviewing their websites, we would then recommend going forward, planning actions and deliverables to upscale poor conversions, our last case study which can be reviewed, had taken a business model from 6% conversions to 15% which makes a massive difference to the bottom line.

This has been discovered from working within corporate and plc environments give our team a call on 01625 599000 for further discussion.


Mobile advertising Tablets I Phone Samsung Galaxy

Tablets in the late 1990s was a fad and just too many years ahead of itself, in 2012 tablets have come of age, mobile tablets, iPads, The Samsung Galaxy tab and numerous amounts of £200+ Devices, 7 to 10 inch wide screen devices.

Would you believe accounts for 20% of all mobile applications (24th of May 2012 Econsultancy ) for advertising ad impressions you have suddenly got an environment and an audience who are out and about, leisure time, between meetings, holiday's in Europe, sat in the Park. All of whom are online researching, searching ,comparing, looking for an answer, a benefit or just reassurance that they are doing the right thing.Quality Customers

Additionally add the new smart phone concept with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC and BlackBerry, all with between 3 and 5 inch screens, these smart phones all have the capabilities to get online and review. A mobile version of your website is a necessity, if you have ever opened or gone online from a mobile device and viewed a website that's just the standard online version? Surely developing a mobile specific version of your website is the way forward? It's not only an excellent customer journey but you will be in a great position to monetise from different vertical and natural SEO and paid for traffic.

Step 1
Create a separate branded mobile environment, call it a miniature version of the original website.

Step 2
Optimise for natural traffic, dip your toes and buy some impressions.


E-mail Marketing a Great Place Upsell

Any online business that has received previous traffic should at least have a newsletter, e-mail offers, opt in to a form fill, where after asking permission you will have a solid database list, including previous and present customers that going forward you then have the ability to periodically add benefit to emailing consumers with a newsletter offering unique promotions or general offers and special deals associated with your sector.

Quality CustomersE-mail marketing is one of the major overlooked marketing activities, that could generate an extra 10 to 20% turnover to your bottom line, you have or will have fully paid customers. you have will also have new and future customers who will purchase services, products or commodities . So why not build a sustainable brand relationship with them, the lifetime value of any customer is priceless, even in non-selling mode you could request testimonials, feedback, any further help to improve our service, this is information that will become invaluable to the success of your business online.

We offer a fully managed e-mail marketing platform so you can spearhead your brand activities and monetise new and existing consumers who will find your information beneficial to them.

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